Membership in Community LAMDA

The Board invites you to consider demonstrating your support of LAMDA by purchasing a lifetime LAMDA Society membership with entitlements and benefits.

For a fee of $10.00 you will become a  General Member of the Society and receive notice of any Special Meetings as well as our September Annual General Meeting (AGM). At these meetings you have the right to speak to and vote on agenda items – including the election of our Board of Directors and Officers.

As a General Member you are eligible to be nominated for election to the Board at our AGM. It is also your right to look at the Society records, minute book and financial statements made available to all members at the AGM. General members may request an electronic copy of our Community LAMDA Society By-laws.

Social Events: The Board annually hosts two social events for the tenants: a summer BBQ and, in December, a Christmas Party with dinner and music. LAMDA tenants may invite family and friends. Staff and Board Members work together to organize these events and the Board contributes food and preparation time. You will be invited to attend with the purchase of a ticket, with a modest fee for each of the BBQ and Christmas dinner. We appreciate your consideration of this purchase as all our available funding goes into daily operations and activity programming.

We encourage you, as a General member, to take advantage of meetings, fund raising activities and social events to meet LAMDA tenants, staff and Board.

Membership fees can be mailed to:

The Treasurer of Community LAMDA,

#100, 316 – 20th Ave SW,

Calgary AB T2S 0E5