Referral Process

Those interested in living in Community LAMDA can be referred by a Health Care Professional involved in their care. Individuals or family members may express interest through the case manager who completes and submits an online application to Alberta Health Services Regional Housing. To contact please call (403) 955-6376.

After screening for suitability, qualified applicants are forwarded to the LAMDA staff who request an interview with the potential tenants. Initial contact is made with the Health Care Professional/Case Manager as continuous involvement is a requirement for the tenants living in Community LAMDA.

Potential Killarney residents also meet with the proposed roommate and are interviewed with the roommate present, to ensure the mutual agreement to share the apartment.

Once the Community LAMDA staff members interview and screen prospective tenants, Calgary Housing Company reviews the application to ensure eligibility requirements for the community housing program are met.

Exclusion Criteria: current substance abuse, current dangerous behaviours, current suicidal ideation, and personality disorder as primary diagnosis.


Individuals with current diagnosis of severe and persistent mental illness whose symptoms have resulted in a significant level of disability.

Individuals who qualify for AISH/CPP or other pensions.

Individuals whose symptoms have affected functioning in one or more major area of life and could result in a significant and persistent disability without ongoing support.

Individuals whose symptoms have not yet affected their functioning in major areas in life, but would likely result in a loss of ability to function in one or more areas without ongoing support.

Individuals who are adults aged 18 to 65.

Individuals who have a case manager.