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Board of Directors

President - Gareth Jones

Vice President - David Barer

Treasurer - Vacant

Secretary - Svetlana Shklarov

Karen Davis

Natasha Dharshi

Elizabeth Dobrovolsky

Joree Nelson

Bernadette O'Connor

Elisabeth Timm

Join the Board of Directors

If you care about mental health and want to use your enthusiasm, skills and experience to make a difference, Community LAMDA Society encourages you on our Board of Directors.

Right now, we’re seeking Board Members with a background in accounting, law, marketing, human resources, public relations, and fund development.

You can make a difference in the lives of people with a mental illness.

For more information please email

The Board invites you to consider demonstrating your support for LAMDA by purchasing a lifetime Community LAMDA Society Membership with exclusive entitlements and benefits.

For a fee of only $10, you will become a General Member of the society and receive notices regarding special meetings as well as our September Annual General Meeting (AGM).

At these meetings you'll have the right to speak to, and vote on, agenda items – including the election of our Board of Directors and Officers.

As a General Member you are eligible to be nominated for election to the board at our AGM and you'll have the right to review society records, minute book and financial statements which are made available to all members of the AGM. General Members may also request an electronic copy of our Community LAMDA Society bylaws.

Please contact us at and send us an email to learn more about membership into Community LAMDA Society.

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